Why Deviser?

  • Write once, use it any where.
  • No need to write boilerplate codes on every new projects.
  • Accelerates development speed by reusing the code as much as possible.
  • Provides a basic setup to develop modern web application.
  • Offers most flexible templates and layouts based on razor syntax.
  • Share your knowledge and get help from the community.

Benefits and Features


Deviser is built on ASP.NET core with minimal dependencies, hence the framework is lightweight.

Dynamic Layout

Create any number of layouts with dynamic layout elements (Placeholders) and get full control over HTML and CSS

Do Not Repeat Yourself(DRY)

Do not worry about writing tons of code. Deviser provides a solid framework to reuse modules, contents and layouts

Cross Platform

Build web application and websites that run on Windows, Linux and macOS

Dynamic Content

Create your own content types and empower non-technical users to manage complex contents at any extent.


Develop independent modules based on ASP.NET MVC and place it on the Dynamic Layouts


The platform allows to manage pages and contents in any number of languages easily

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization are built-in within the platform.


Built any kind of complex pages by just drag-and-drop content and modules on a dynamic layout.